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Winter Tire Downsizing

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Tire downsizing is a common practice in the winter, especially for your second set of winter tires. You’ve probably heard about it, but do you know what it means? If not, that’s ok. Green Car Tires is here to help. We offer winter tire downsizing packages for drivers in Scarborough, ON, Toronto, ON and the Greater Toronto Area.

Save Hundreds of Dollars this Winter on Tires & Rims at GREEN CAR TIRES

At Green Car Tires, we're looking to keep you safe & save you the most.

For most vehicles you can save often 100's of dollars on a set of winter rims and tires by winter down sizing and here's what your local dealer won't tell you:

'Winter downsizing' is in fact safer & considerably cheaper than using the same original size rim and tire that your specific vehicle uses.

For example, a 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe vehicle with each different trim level offered such as Limited, SE, Ultimate, Luxury or Premium can offer tire sizes ranging from 17"- 19". If you have a Premium model that originally comes equipped with 19" rims & tires you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing winter tires and wheels in the 17" option. I know this sounds crazy - but hear me out.

  • a 235/65/17 tire has an overall diameter of 29.0"
  • a 235/60/18 tire has an overall diameter of 29.1"
  • a 235/55/19 tire has an overall diameter of 29.2"

All of the above tire size are offered from Hyundai for the 2018 Santa Fe depending on your vehicle's trim level and all have essentially the same overall diameter.

Here's where it will start to make the most sense:

A direct-fit OEM quality steel winter wheel package with 17" Michelin X-ice tires:

  • Steel Wheels: $243.13 Taxes in.
  • Tires: $990.68 Taxes in. (Installed + Balanced)
  • Total Package: $1233.81

A direct-fit OEM quality steel winter wheel package with 18" Michelin X-ice tires:

  • Steel Wheels: $308.49 Taxes in.
  • Tires: $1157.92 Taxes in. (Installed + Balanced)
  • Total Package: $1466.41

A direct-fit OEM quality steel winter wheel package with 19" Michelin X-ice tires:

  • Steel Wheels: $432.79 Taxes in.
  • Tires: $1225.72 Taxes in. (Installed + Balanced)
  • Total Package: $1658.51

Now, consider this:

If you had a top model Hyundai Santa Fe with 19" tires & you decided to only buy winter tires and have them switched onto your current rims (which we don't recommend) there would only be a difference of $8.09 vs. buying tires AND rims in the 17" size.

It actually pays off in the 1st or 2nd winter to have an extra set of set of steel wheels for your winter tires. To switch your all winter tires back to your all-season tires on the same rims, the cost of labour will generally be $140 +taxes twice a year! -In the fall & spring. If you were to switch each complete sets of all season & winter tire and rim packages over it would only be about $40 +taxes twice a year. Not to mention the time savings!

The cost savings in the very 1st year of buying a complete down-sized winter tire & rim package only makes sense!

If you're looking for a real good deal on winter tires and rims give us a call and see how we can help you save too!

 Winter Tire Downsize in Scarborough, ON

Tire Downsizing—The Basics

Tire downsizing is an important winter driving preparation. Not only are snow tires expensive, especially larger diameter ones, they can also be less effective on snow and ice. The more narrow the tire, the better it tends to perform on snow and ice.

We will help ensure your tires and wheels are the proper diameter, to keep your speedometer and traction control accurate. Your downsized tires will be the right size to ensure both performance on snow and ice, and they will be more economical.

We can also help you locate downsized wheels to add to your tires. We offer complete downsizing packages.

Stay safe this winter and save some money with winter tire downsizing. Call Green Car Tires now at (416) 777-9922.

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